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DeltaP™ predicts surge & swab on drill pipe connections in real time

  • DeltaP™ is a software application that will run on SiteCom® (Kongsberg), DrillView™ (MHWirth) and NOVOS™ (NOV)

  • The software calculates surge & swab for the upcoming drill pipe connections, planned to be performed within the next few hours, based on weather forecast and drilling data

  • Behind DeltaP™ are 5 years of research and development as well as extensive validation using field data from Equinor

  • Surge & swab prediction allowing drillers, supervisors, mud loggers, and drilling engineers to make informed decisions based on facts, which increases the efficiency of drilling through reducing downtime due to waiting on weather

The DeltaP™ software application is ready in 2019. We are currently looking for project partners and pilot customers – get in touch with us to discuss opportunities!

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